Public-Sector Organizational
Change Management

Public-Sector Organizational Change Management (PSOCM®) is a 10-step model developed as part of the research dissertation of the same name at Washington State University by Richard H. Carson. This model is one of the most comprehensive change management model available today. It presents a complete life-cycle series of steps that can be utilized in total or in separate phases.
The 10-Step Model is the result of three sequential, nested research reports:

Research Paper 1. Research the historical and present day similarities and differences between private-sector and public-sector organizations in terms of goals, organizational structures, operations/functions and outcomes (e.g., performance, perception). Read Research Report 1 .

Research Paper 2. Research the differences between private- and public-sector organizational change management processes in terms of methodological approaches, performance (outcomes) and perceptions (expectations).

Research Paper 3. Research possible public-sector organizational change management models. Construct a theoretical change management model. The purpose is to build and test a better public-sector organizational change management model. Analyze the efficacy of using this public-sector organizational change management model process in local government to compare the performance (actual outcomes) and perceptions (realized expectations). This analysis will be done through in-depth interviews with leading academics (researchers), consultants (research advisors), and government managers (practitioners, implementers).