Public-Sector Organizational
Change Management 
Public-Sector  Organizational  Change  Management 
(PSOCM®) is a  10-Step Model developed as part of the doctoral studies research of Richard H. Carson at Washington State University.

This model is one of the most comprehensive change management model available today. It presents a complete life-cycle series of steps that can be utilized in total or in separate phases.

There are various change management theories that have been developed in recent years that take a piece meal approach to organizational change. Phrases such as total quality management; strategic planning; performance measurement; planning-programming-budgeting systems (PPBS); strength, weakness, opportunities, threat analysis (SWOT); and continuous improvement (kaizen) all represent earlier attempts to provide answers to organizational problems.

Approaches and methodologies such as PROSCI (ADKAR), Six Sigma, etc. also provide more detailed step-by-step methods. The PSOCM® model incorporates much of what these earlier methods provide, but develops a more seamless and integrated process that is unique to public-sector organizations.
The most important considerations to keep in mind when using PSOCM® is that it is free and it is state-of-the-art. In the high-tech world that are numerous open source software programs for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. That is the beauty of PSOCM®. You can use it or modify it to fit your specific organizational needs. Indeed, when you find improvements, then please contact the owner of this website about your experience.

Over time I will be adding both positive and negative experiences regarding your organizational change management experience. The one caveat to that is that such commentaries will be limited to programmatic uses and not complaints about any specific organization that charges for such services.

What make PSOCM® so unique is that it is specifically researched and designed to address the needs of public-sector organizational change management.  Other models treat all organizations in a one-size-fits-all methodology. The universe of organizations consists of private-sector organizations driven by profit (a.k.a., for-profit) and public-sector organizations (a.k.a., non-profit) that are driven by the public good and a variety of hybrid types (e.g., nonprofits, utilities). 

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